Any data. Anywhere. Any time.
The DISCERN client relies on access to a diverse array of data streams. Our powerful, cloud-based analytics platform allows us to ingest and organize data of all types. Structured and unstructured. Human and machine. Public and partner. Business and consumer. Internal and external. [MORE]
Modular. Flexible. Scalable.
What do you need to learn today? We build custom information flows that deliver in real time. DISCERN’s big data platform creates a scalable signal “module” -- comprised of the key business factors, heuristics, and dynamic data feeds required to provide a decision-maker with personalized actionable insight. [MORE]
See. Decide. Optimize.
DISCERN’s big data platform aggregates, cleanses, searches and monitors sector-specific data sources so clients don’t have to. Our full-suite of analytics services enables customers to quickly identify actionable information, backtest their theses and improve the quality of their decisions. [MORE]