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Signals as a Service ™


All relevant data in one place

DISCERN aggregates data of all types (structured/unstructured) and sources (free/fee) including data not generally visible to search engines


The issue is NOT data ~ it is noise

DISCERN utilizes a business-optimized data schema and a multi-step human-machine curation process to find actionable insight from non-obvious yet important data points


Humans sleep, machines don’t

DISCERN persistently scans the world of relevant business information and notifies decision-makers of events that matter


Time is money

DISCERN’s analytic tools focus on discovering potential change before it occurs when investment potential is greatest


The world is constantly changing

DISCERN’s optimization engine learns from decision-maker activity and feedback to iteratively improve recommendations of data, signals, insight, and position size


Truly unique insight is valuable

DISCERN’s aperture reveals the landscape of perspectives including community consensus, non-obvious expert opinion, and traditional algorithmic processes